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"Nature has been inspiring us for more than 180 years. Protecting biodiversity is an absolute necessity. Passing on this wealth to future generations is an obligation. It is a combat for the present day."

Axel Dumas, Executive Chairman of Hermès



Maintaining an environmental framework conducive to the development of activities involves respecting and safeguarding biodiversity.


The biodiversity challenge is overseen by the Sustainable Development Committee, specifically:

  • the member of the Executive Committee responsible for the Manufacturing Division, which supervises supply chains and manufacturing sites, supported by a Deputy Managing Director in charge of Industrial Affairs.
  • the member of the Executive Committee responsible for the development of organisations, supported by the Construction Development Department.

Biodiversity considerations within construction projects or the value chain are the responsibility of the relevant Métier directors.

Mangrove © David Geere
Aerial of forest in Peru. © David Geere


Hermès is working to protect biodiversity along its entire value chain:

  • in its direct sphere of responsibility: since 2017, the group’s sites have applied an internal “sustainable construction” reference framework which incorporates a section dedicated to biodiversity. The application recommendations relate in particular to soil and roof re-vegetation, the use of wastewater treatment by phytoremediation and activities to raise awareness among employees.
  • in its wider sphere of influence: the group has committed to evaluating the different biodiversity components relevant to its business, and the impacts on its supply chain, with the partners supplying natural materials. This work aims to protect biodiversity and is undertaken in collaboration with local or international NGOs.
  • in voluntary commitments beyond its sphere of economic influence: as a responsible business, Hermès voluntarily addresses biodiversity-related subjects beyond its own activities. This is particularly the case in the fight against the trafficking of protected species in Africa (partnership with WWF France's Africa-TWIX programme), the support for agricultural practices aligned with biodiversity preservation, participating in the French Natural History Museum’s “Nature Lookout” (Vigie Nature) programme and the NGO “L’Atelier Paysan”, and the funding of projects to preserve ecosystems and develop agroforestry through investment in the Livelihoods Fund.

In 2020, Hermès is renewing its commitment to EpE (Entreprises Pour l’Environnement, or Businesses for the Environment) and the international biodiversity protection initiative for multinationals Act4Nature International. The Group reaffirm its contribution to the Act4Nature International multinationals' common objectives, as well as its individual commitments which will be updated and extended at the same time.

Biodiversity impact across the direct sphere of responsibility

  • picto France SVG

    of pilot sites have preserved 70% of their landscape areas on the construction sites

  • picto abeille SVG

    beehives installed on our sites in France

  • picto document checklist SVG

    of pilot sites have at least 2 active initiatives to promote local biodiversity

Logo Disclosure Insight Action

CDP Forest “B” score, illustrating the extent of the house’s efforts, particularly in terms of corruption in the country of origin, but also the classification of tree species on the IUCN and CITES red lists.

  • picto arbres SVG

    of paper bags are FSC-certified

  • picto collaborateurs trio SVG

    of sites have undertaken operations to raise awareness of local biodiversity

Biodiversity impact across Hermès' wider sphere of responsibility

Cocons de soie
Silk cocoons © Mathieu Ridelle

Biodiversity impact across Hermès' wider sphere of responsibility

Alligator farming, following the recommendations of the Washington Convention in particular, has contributed to protecting the species as well as protecting and maintaining wetlands where these animals live and reproduce. According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 1.2 million hectares of wetlands are conserved in this way.

Thanks to Hermès, a supply chain of high-quality silk thread has been developed in Brazil. This industry helps to conserve leafy biotopes with minimal chemical treatment, as the silkworm feeds solely on the leaves of unpolluted mulberry bushes.

Biodiversity impact of voluntary commitments

  • picto arbres SVG

    million trees planted as part of the mass reforestation work carried out by the Livelihoods Fund

Initiatives within the house

In a more general way, biodiversity actions are regularly promoted among employees. During Sustainable Development Weeks organised in France and abroad, the films Demain (Tomorrow, 2016), L’Empereur (March of the Penguins 2, 2017), On a vingt ans pour changer le monde (We have Twenty Years to Change the World, 2018) and Les Saisons (Seasons, 2019) were shown to employees at film screenings.

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