A value-creating and sustainable French model

An independent house of creation since 1837, guided by the attributes of craftsmanship: responsibility, authenticity and a long-term approach. An integrated model of French manufacturing, providing in-house training and support for its craftspeople. Humanistic management of employees. Useful and durable objects which combine functionality, aesthetics and quality materials and which are passed down. A rich offer, combining creative freedom and the purchasing freedom of stores. A desire to give something back to the world.

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2020 CSR Extract

March 26, 2021

Our contribution

Faced with global economic, social and environmental challenges, this artisanal growth model offers partial solutions to the challenges of more sustainable development. It makes a positive contribution to the world of today and tomorrow.

Footsteps accross the world

Through this collection of films, documentary maker Frédéric Laffont reveals with humanistic perspective our unique relationship to sustainable development.


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Footsteps across the world

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