Group management

Members of the executive Comity in the Hermès store
of  George-V avenue in Paris.

From left to right : Eric du Halgouët, Catherine Fulconis, Wilfried Guerrand, Axel Dumas, Olivier Fournier, Charlotte David, Guillaume de Seynes, Pierre-Alexis Dumas, Florian Craen

The Executive Chairman

The role of the Executive Chairmen is to manage the Group and act in its general interest, within the scope of the corporate purpose and subject to those powers expressly granted by law to the Supervisory Board and to General Meetings of shareholders.

The Executive Chairmen are assisted by the Executive Committee and the Operations Committee, which constitue the governing bodies.

Axel Dumas et Henri-Louis Bauer represents Emile Hermès SAS executive chairmans

Key data on executive management and governing bodies

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The Executive Committee

Hermès International’s executive management is comprised of the Executive Chairmen and the Executive Committee, which consists of Managing Directors, each of whom has well-defined areas of responsibility. Its role is to oversee the Group’s strategic management.

  • Axel Dumas
    Executive Chairman
  • Florian Craen
    Executive Vice-President Sales & Distribution
  • Charlotte David
    Executive Vice-President Communication
  • Pierre-Alexis Dumas
    Artistic Executive Vice-President
  • Olivier Fournier
    Executive Vice-President Corporate Development and Social Affairs
  • Catherine Fulconis
    Executive Vice-President Leather Goods-Saddlery
  • Wilfried Guerrand
    Executive Vice-President Métiers, Information Systems and Data
  • Eric du Halgouët
    Executive Vice-President Finance
  • Sharon MacBeath
    Group Human Resources Director
  • Guillaume de Seynes
    Executive Vice-President Manufacturing Division & Equity Investments
  • Agnès de Villers
    President and CEO of Hermès Parfum et Beauté

The Operations Committee

The Operations Committee, which reports to the Executive Management, is made up of the Executive Committee and the Senior Executives of the main métiers and geographical areas of the Group. Its duties are:

  • to involve Senior Executives in the Group’s major issues and strategic orientations;
  • to promote communication, sharing and reasonable exchanges amongst its members in their area of responsibility;
  • to enable the Executive Committee to take certain decisions.


  • Axel Dumas - Executive Chairman
  • Executive Committee members(see above)

Senior Executives of the métiers

  • Laurent Dordet - Watches
  • Cielo Dunbavand - Women’s Ready-to-Wear
  • Antoinette Louis - Silk and Textiles
  • Véronique Nichanian - Men’s Ready-To-Wear
  • Anne-Sarah Panhard - Home
  • Élodie Potdevin - Fashion Accessories Métier and IoT
  • Ambre Pulcini - Jewellery and Shoes
  • Agnès de Villers 1 - Perfumes
(1) On 1 March 2022 Ms Agnès de Villers joined the Operations Committee.


Senior Executives of the Geographical areas

  • Masao Ariga - Japan
  • Robert Chavez - United States and Latin America
  • Hélène Dubrule - France
  • Éric Festy - South Asia
  • Luc Hennard - China
  • Hinde Pagani - Digital Sales and Service
  • Ségolène Verdillon - Travel Retail

Gender balance in governing bodies as at 31 december 2021

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