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Dividends for the financial year 2017

A dividend of 4.10 euros per share was approved in the General Meeting as of 5th June 2018.  

The dividend is the proportion of net profit for the financial year to be allotted to shareholders. In addition, an exceptional dividend of €5.00 per share was also approved in the General meeting.
The dividend, the date of coupon detachment and the payment date are proposed by the Supervisory Board and approved by the General Meeting of Shareholders. In order to be eligible, the shareholder must hold at least one Hermès security on the evening (Paris time) of the day preceding payment.

The dividend is automatically paid, without any specific steps to be taken by the shareholder.

Dividend log







Ordinary dividend

4.10 €

3.75 €

3.35 €

2.95 €

2.70 €

Extraordinary dividend

5.00 €



     5.00 €


Dividend payment schedule 

For the 2017 financial year

Interim dividend: €1.50 per share paid on 22th February 2018

Balance of dividend: €2.60 per share +  € 5.00 paid on 11th June 2018

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