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The Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board exercises ongoing control over company management. For this purpose, it has the same powers as the Statutory Auditors. The Supervisory Board determines the proposed earnings appropriation for the financial year to be submitted to the Annual General Meeting. The Active Partner must consult the Supervisory Board before making any decisions pertaining to strategic options, to consolidated operating and investment budgets or to recommendations to the General Meeting with respect to the distribution of share premiums, reserves and retained earnings. The Supervisory Board also submits to the Active Partner its considered recommendations on the appointment or possible revocation of the powers of the Executive Chairmen.

Composition of the Supervisory Board

Éric de Seynes Chairman

Monique Cohen Vice-Chairwoman

Dominique Senequier  Vice-Chairwoman

Dorothée Altmayer

Charles-Éric Bauer

Estelle Brachlianoff

Matthieu Dumas

Blaise Guerrand

Julie Guerrand

Olympia Guerrand

Renaud Momméja 

Alexandre Viros

Pureza Cardoso - Employee representative member

Rémy Kroll- Employee representative member

Supervisory Board rules of procedure 

These rules of procedure define the terms and conditions of organisation and operation of the Supervisory Board of Hermès International and its Committees.

Their purpose is to enhance the quality of the Board’s work by promoting the application of good corporate governance principles and practices, in the interests of ethics and greater effectiveness.

Get the PDF documentSupervisory board rules of procedure as of 29 May 2020

Stock market ethics Code (summary)

The purpose of this code is to describe the measures in place within the Hermès Group to prevent the market abuse of Hermès International securities.

Get the PDF documentStock market ethics code as of 22 November 2019 (summary)

Supervisory Board's report on corporate governance

on the corporate governance principles applied by the Company, on the composition of the Board and the application of the principle of the balanced representation of women and men within the Supervisory Board, on the conditions for the preparation and organisation of the Supervisory Board’s work and on the internal control and risk management procedures instituted by the Company. This report is embedded in the 2019 Universel Registration Document on page 194.

Get the PDF document2019 Universel Registration Document

Supervisory Board’s report to the General Meeting of 24 April 2020

on the Supervisory Board's completion of the assignment during the financial year ending on 31 December 2019. This report is embedded in the 2019 Universel Registration Document on page 437.

Get the PDF document2019 Universel Registration Document

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