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The Active Partner

Émile Hermès SARL, represented par its Management Board

Presentation of the Active Partner

The Active Partner is jointly and severally liable for all the Company’s debts, for an indefinite period of time. The Active Partner has the authority to appoint or revoke the powers of the Executive Chairmen, after receiving the considered recommendation of the Supervisory Board. The Active Partner makes all decisions pertaining to the Group’s strategic options, consolidated operating and investment budgets, and recommendations to the General Meeting with respect to the distribution of share premiums, reserves and retained earnings, on the recommendation of the Supervisory Board. It may submit recommendations to the Executive Management on any matter of general interest to the Group. It authorises all Company loans, sureties, endorsements and guarantees, any pledges of collateral and encumbrances on the Company’s property, as well as the creation of any company or acquisition of an interest whenever the investment amounts to more than 10% of the Group’s net worth.

Composition of the Emile Hermès Sarl Management Board

Henri-Louis Bauer Executive Manager and Chairman

Frédéric Dumas Vice-Chairman

Pascale Mussard Vice-Chairman

Sandrine Brekke

Capucine Bruet

Alice Charbin 

Édouard Guerrand

Laurent E. Momméja

Jean-Baptiste Puech

Guillaume de Seynes

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